Alabama Personal Injury

Chenault Hammond, P.C. filed the first Triana DDT litigation in 1979 on behalf of 39 commercial fisherman and their families. The case sought compensation for lost income and personal injury due to excessive DDT in the Tennessee River dumped by a DDT manufacturing plant over several years. Eventually joined by claimants from the town of Triana, the case resulted in a substantial global settlement in 1983.

Wrongful Death, Automobile, Motorcycle, and Truck Accidents

Sadly, thousands of automobile and truck wrecks occur each year in the State of Alabama. Our law firm is dedicated to representing clients who have been injured or killed in these accidents. We help people who have suffered burns, central nervous impairments, fractures, back injuries and lacerations. We investigate collisions involving our clients caused by the negligence and wantonness of other motorists. We also investigate defects in the motor vehicle driven by our clients that would include a products liability claim. We have successfully handled rear-end collisions, alcohol and drug-impaired collisions, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims and wrongful death claims.

Product Liability Claims

We investigate and file suit when appropriate against companies that have placed a defective or unreasonably dangerous product into the marketplace. We actively investigate defective brake claims in addition to negligence and wantonness claims arising from motor vehicle collisions.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Many of our clients have been injured while on-the-job. We vigorously investigate workers’ compensation claims because many people simply do not know what to do when he or she is injured on-the-job. Our attorneys have handled workers’ compensation claims for over forty years and have the experience to navigate you through the complex web of our State’s workers’ compensation rules.


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